If you inject insulin using an insulin pen, choosing the right pen needle is important. Like other brands, Unifine® Pentips® Plus are designed for a comfortable injection experience1 and come in a range of needle lengths, including 4 mm. Shorter pen needles are now recommended for everyone, regardless of age, gender or body size, as they reduce the risk of injecting into muscle.2

But unlike other brands, Unifine® Pentips® Plus is the world’s first pen needle complete with its own integrated remover and disposal chamber for on-the-go convenience.

Unifine pentips plus insulin injection needles
On one side is a pen needle, and on the other side a built-in removal system.

Why is this important?

  • Insulin pen needles are recommended for a single use as they are no longer sterile after use, and reusing needles can lead to the development of fatty lumps at the injection site which can cause variable insulin absorption and fluctuating blood glucose levels.2
  • Leaving pen needles on your insulin pen isn’t recommended due to potential leakages and introduction of air or other contaminants,2 yet many people do this as it can be difficult to dispose of used needles when away from home.
  • Changing pen needles easily and safely can be difficult for young children and those with eyesight and dexterity issues.

Unifine® Pentips® Plus users have been found to change their pen needles more frequently.3 The in-built remover in Unifine® Pentips® Plus needles has been designed to make it easier to change your pen needles, particularly on-the-go.

86 % of users find Unifine® Pentips® Plus easy to change versus their current pen needle.3

Discover why 86 % of users find Unifine® Pentips® Plus easy to change versus their current pen needle3 by ordering your free sample. Go to www.unifinepentipsplus.com.au, buy online or call POCD on 1800 640 075.


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