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Featured, Health

Is it a Virus or Bacteria?

Antibiotic overuse, Superbugs, and a point-of-care test to help tell the difference It’s an ongoing difficulty: determining whether a sickness is the result of a virus, bacterial infection or an...
Education, Featured, Medical

Insulin Pen Needle Injecting: Best Practice

There are an estimated 500,000 Australians who are insulin-dependent. This requires them to monitor and adjust their body’s insulin levels. The aim of an insulin injection is to bring the body...
Featured, Point-of-Care

Empowering patients and clinicians with point-of-care INR testing

Of all the available pathology tests that can be undertaken at the point of care, nothing has quite caught on like INR testing. A boon to modern medical care, on-the-spot...
Featured, Point-of-Care, Products, Testing

A Review of microINR® System Performance

Vitamin K antagonist drugs remain the cornerstone of oral anticoagulation for prevention of stroke and other thromboembolic events in patients with atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves and for venous thromboembolism…

Featured, Innovation

Why Unifine® Pentips® Plus is the Perfect Pen Needle for Insulin Injections

If you inject insulin using an insulin pen, choosing the right pen needle is important. Like other brands, Unifine® Pentips® Plus are designed for a comfortable injection experience1 and come…

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